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*Rockout Results System

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Workout Amplified. Nutrition Simplified. Rockout Results.
Burn calories. Strengthen and sculpt muscles. Drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique. Make some noise and get ready to POUND with Rockout Results System, our at-home fitness and nutrition product that comes complete with all the tools you need to rock your way to your best self.
Inside you’ll find 9 dynamic workouts, 50+ healthy and delicious recipes, and more! 9 FULL-BODY WORKOUTS
Sweat, sculpt and ROCK your body with a series of fun and effective POUND workouts that combine cardio and strength to tone your lower body, sculpt your upper body, and define your abs. The Rockout Results System includes:
  • 5 DVDs with 9 badass workouts with your own set of Ripstix®
  • The POUND B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Guide + a 7-Day Kickstart
  • A 60-Day POUNDoff Calendar + Fitness Journal
  • 4 sweat-drenching, muscle-sculpting, calorie-torching 30 minute POUND classes
  • 4 kick-ass interval challenges
  • A 45 minute “LIVE” class
  • A complete POUND 101 how-to tutorial